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Single Skin Oil Storage Tanks

Cost effective heating oil, diesel and non-portable storage tanks. All Deso tanks are manufactured as seamless one-piece units.  Deso tanks are OFTEC certified and comply fully with the latest Environment Agency Regulations. 

All tanks are manufactured from high grade polyethylene and are supplied with moulded in fittings. All single skin tanks come standard with a 1” female outlet and ‘O’ ring seal for unsurpassed protection against leaks. Deso tanks are compatible with the latest electronic alarms which are available on request.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • 2 Year guarantee (subject to conditions)
  • High impact strength
  • UV Stabilised


Weight: 55 Kg Capacity: 1230 Litres
Length: 1900 mm Height: 860 mm
Width: 1240 mm    
OFCERT License Number: 06680602078


Weight: 80 Kg Capacity: 1220 Litres
Length: 2260 mm Height: 1400 mm
Width: 660 mm    
OFCERT License Number: 0668040201


Weight: 55 Kg Capacity: 1200 Litres
Length: 1770 mm Height: 1120 mm
Width: 1030 mm    
OFCERT License Number: 0668040202


Weight: 75 Kg Capacity: 1900 Litres
Length: 1820 mm Height: 1340 mm
Width: 1240 mm    
OFCERT License Number: 0668060208


Weight: 110 Kg Capacity: 2500 Litres
Length: 2400 mm Height: 2400 mm
Width: 1250 mm    
OFCERT License Number: 0668060209


Weight: 45 Kg Diameter: 1250 mm
Capacity: 1340 Litres Height: 1280 mm
OFCERT License Number: 0668040203


Weight: 70 Kg Diameter: 1510 mm
Capacity: 2455 Litres Height: 1280 mm
OFCERT License Number: 0668040204


Weight: 95 Kg Diameter: 1530 mm
Capacity: 3300 Litres Height: 2060 mm
OFCERT License Number: 0668040205


Weight: 140 Kg Diameter: 1920 mm
Capacity: 5000 Litres Height: 2000 mm
OFCERT License Number: 0668040206
Tanks can me made to suit the size available. If you need a tank to fit in a specific space please get in touch to discuss your requirements.



About Us

We have manufactured and been involved in many projects over those years, ranging from standard domestic oil tanks, to a fabricated framework that was used over the Suez Canal.  We have made 20 metre inspection pits, which have gone as far afield as Ireland, and made stainless steel water tanks for camper vans, boats, caravans etc.

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